Macro Reading Group

The purpose of this group is to introduce attendees to widely-discussed recent papers in macroeconomics. Each week, a presenter (student or faculty) will present an important published or working paper to the other members of the group. There is no taxation without representation: you must be willing to present at least once a semester. Presenters are also welcome to present their own research, or distribute written work for comments. This is intended to be a low-stakes environment where everyone can see where macroeconomics as a field is headed, and work on their presentation skills.

The group will meet each Friday at 1pm in Building 25, Room 114.

List of possible papers: link


Nov. 9th, 2018
Nov. 16th, 2018
Nov. 23rd, 2018
Nov. 30th, 2018Menzio and Shi (2011): "Efficient Search on the Job and the Business Cycle" (link)Ben Griffy
Dec. 7th, 2018Coibion and Kamdar (2018): "The Formation of Expectations, Inflation, and the Phillips Curve" (link)Peter Dang
Dec. 14th, 2018No Group
Dec. 21st - Jan 18thNo Group (winter break)
Jan. 25th, 2019Andolfatto (1996): "Business Cycles and Labor Market Search" (link)Nayoung Kim
Feb. 1st, 2019
Feb. 8th, 2019Forbes and Warnock (2012): "Capital Flow Waves: Surges, Stops, Flight, and Retrenchment" (link)Liang Fu
Feb. 15th, 2019
Feb. 22nd, 2019
Mar. 1st, 2019
Mar. 8th, 2019
Mar. 15th, 2019
Mar. 22nd, 2019
Mar. 29th, 2019

Some templates to help:
Customized Beamer slides: link